I-Sky Technologies has 12 years of professional technology installation experience across Africa and is committed to provide the best available innovation technology on the market and consultation and supply for high scale technology projects and security defense solutions worldwide. I-Sky Technologies has established itself as a well-recognized technology leader and reliable partner for successful project installation and maintenance for projects in all sectors of security defense, air and naval forces, VIP units and cyber technology. Our mission is to offer cutting-edge technology security while providing advanced customer service and operational support for every project.

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Our Mission

I-Sky Technologies is committed in providing advanced technology solutions and security installations solutions for projects all over the world.

We build long lasting relationships with our strategic customers by listening, understanding, co-ordinating expectation and successfully fulfilling their project needs.

I-Sky Technologies differentiate from the rest of the market by focused business framework of optimizing the way we plan your solution – not only redefining business practices; by creating a more active and challenging key to success.

I-Sky Technologies supports ideal of the highest level of flexibility as customers evolve their requirements. We believe in maximizing the efficiency of our customer’s projects in order to achieve high satisfaction both commercially and technically. All of our projects fully confirms to customer specific requests handled by experts.

I-Sky Technologies operates in various fields of expertise, where it can find a unique leverage to its customers, providing a high level of efficiency and excellence.

We are providing a high performance services in the fields of:

  • Intelligence
  • Cyber & Networking
  • Army, Special forces, K9 and Bomb Squads
  • Police and Correctional Entities
  • Aviation, Airport and Seaport Security
  • Special Forces training

Our Promise

Our offices are in strategic locations and we provide the ideal platform for installations in Africa and worldwide. Our approach enables us to offer best service biased on individual project requirements in both short and long term projects.

We have developed specializes operational support on all projects and constantly revised our processes to achieve the best results using the optimal technology resources and equipment. When it comes to installation projects, we understand the importance of speed, quality and cost.

I-Sky Technologies has reclaimed its international reputation for technology leader for security installations and we offer to our clients following services:

  • Project planning and timeline contract
  • Consulting Services
  • Project Management & Installation
  • Strict deadlines and delivery reports
  • Comprehensive process and technology chart
  • Well considered list of technology providers with guarantees
  • Comprehensive guarantee of service
  • Post installation service and consultancy

​“We bring high-end technologies to your doorstep. Our mission is to help our clients improve their sales, service and profits – “We help you deliver.”

About Us

Why choose I-Sky Technologies?

Security Technology Solutions
Innovation Today

I-Sky Technologies has more than 12 years project experience in technologies installations across Africa and Europe. The company has developed a comprehensive network of vendors in more than 52 countries worldwide.

I-Sky Technologies is committed to your success, through creating an add value by providing advanced technology solutions and services, while continuously supporting your operation to the highest level.

I-Sky Technologies has a proven track of more than 70 successful projects all across Africa and worldwide. We know how to provide the best innovative and state of the art technologies available, even before most of the world know it exists. Therefore we aim to offer our customers custom made solutions that can be tailored over their specific needs. We listen to our customers and make their requirements a reality.

We operate through a network of selected partners which allows us to provide services for every technology project no matter how small or big and build long lasting relationships with our strategic customers. And we create technology solutions that change technology to fit your project needs and specifications and fulfill your needs. It’s as simple as that! We are passionate about our work and we deliver solutions that really work. So we can proudly say we can deliver the technologies of the future – Today.


I-Sky Technologies is worldwide leader in Security Technology Solutions

I-Sky Technologies offers effective leadership in every stage of project delivery and installation phase.

Your project success is crucial for us and we believe that keeping our clients happy is the most important satisfaction.

Our main advantages:

  • Worldwide experience in strategic business planning of security projects
  • Clear and simple project installation planning
  • Strict deadlines and delivery reports
  • Extensive network of recognized vendors
  • Recognized technology providers
  • Great expertise in technology installation and logistics support
  • Supplying most innovative technology solutions on the market
  • Recognized leader in security technology installations

Technology for future innovation today

I-Sky Technologies specializes in various unique technologies which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. We find very special advantages on very “well known” technologies that gives our customer the right added value they require. Our solutions are coming from the need to give a “simple” solution to very demanding and complex environment using state of the art and advanced technologies used by special forces, intelligence authorities and secret services all over Africa.

Our main advantages:

  • 12 years experience in military and border control
  • Over 70 successful projects
  • Extensive experience in aviation security
  • Customized solutions in cyber security and defense projects
  • Numerous technology awards and exhibitions covered in portfolio
  • Well considered list of technology providers with guarantees
  • Comprehensive guarantee of services

Moreover, we know to take any “well know” technology and solution and complete it with the right “twist” bringing it to high performance level using unique and added value integrated technologies, that will allow the user enjoy it full capabilities and much more. We know technology and we aim to provide the best solutions available on the technology market.



Cyber Security Solutions

The cyber-attacks have increased dramatically over the last decade, exposing sensitive personal and business information, disrupting critical operations and imposing high costs on the economy in occurring loses and fraud costs.

I-Sky Technologies introduces the latest technologies in cyber protection for governmental entities using latest security software.

We insure that the computer networks and the data included inside this wall of protection will be safe and unreachable.

In our portfolio we offer various high end security solutions to protect any governmental, army, police or civilian facilities. We ensure any entity is equipped with the most cost effective solution, yet to insure the protection of the required environment.

I-Sky Technologies develops its own software in-house which guarantees upmost reliability and custom made solution that are designed to accommodate any customer specific requirements and project needs.

Intelligence Systems

I-Sky Technologies offers latest integrated Actionable Intelligence Solutions.
They help organizations address three areas of the market:

  • Customer Engagement Optimization
  • Security Intelligence
  • Fraud and risk and compliance

By capturing large amounts of information from numerous data types and sources, using analytics to clean insights from the information and leveraging the resulting intelligence to help achieve their customer engagement, enhanced security, and risk mitigation goals.

Engagement Optimization solutions help organizations enrich interactions, optimize the workforce and improve business processes in order to drive loyalty, increase revenue, reduce risk, and manage operational costs.

Security Intelligence solutions help organizations prevent, neutralize and investigate crime and terror, and protect people, property and assets.

Fraud and Risk and Compliance solutions help organizations prevent loss, comply with regulations, investigate cyber and financial crime, and protect private information.

With the advantage of using our solutions and value-added services organizations of all sizes can make more timely and effective decisions to improve enterprise performance. New Intelligence Systems technology from I-Sky Technologies will enhance overall security level and increase operational experience in a safer place company environment.

​Airport Security Solutions

Airport security is regarded as a complex heterogeneous environment sector and the event of security breach is highly dangerous.

Every airport complex is different, and each has unique physical layouts and surrounding terrain – land, water, hills, trees, buildings and roads all impact the way in which their perimeters are protected. Runway layouts, staging areas and terminal buildings also differ in design and layout, all of which affect sensor sight lines.

In the event of security issue airports must consider the need for adequate warning and response times for an unwanted intrusion. It is not sufficient to simply know a breach of the perimeter has occurred airport security personnel must be able to assess the threat, track movement before and after intrusion, and react quickly to deter the threat.

I-Sky Technologies is offering a solution with multilayered response to airport perimeter security by implementing multiple sensors taking into consideration the realistic capabilities and limitations of each sensor at the actual airport complex. The company installations of all airport security response systems is very encouraging and currently can be found in one of the best worldwide locations.

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Perimeter Protection / HLS

I-Sky Technologies is utilizing extensive security and safety knowledge and provides in-depth risk analysis to determine the full spectrum of potential and existing threats and vulnerabilities in a customer’s physical security and defenses from strategic planning to operational action.

Our fields of projects areas:

  • Critical civilians Infrastructures
  • Maritime ports
  • Airports
  • Military bases
  • Prisons and compounds

I-Sky Technologies specializes in consulting and training in protecting civilians and infrastructure in the event of a man made or natural disasters, in the following areas:

  • Emergency Response
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Rescue & Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Search & Rescue
  • Training
  • Tactical Communications
  • Counter Terror
  • Detection and Monitoring
  • Threat Analysis

Diagnostic Surveys include:

  • Disaster Management (preparation and mitigation)
  • Containment and treatment of mass casualties
  • Preparation for non-conventional terror events
  • Establishment of Search & Rescue Divisions
  • Medical capabilities and treatment
  • Command Control Centers


Forces Training

I-Sky Technologies Ltd provides consulting services and specialized security training for teams deployed in high-risk environments, advanced risk assessments & practical solutions in the even the most complicated security situations.

Operating within a global sphere, we establish new training sites according to client demand, wherever and whenever needed.

Our dedicated in-country training models are designed to remain flexible, in accordance with the operational timetables of your organization. We provide “Best of Breed” instructors with military backgrounds & operational experience, specializing in weapons, tactical expertise, Special Operations and sharpshooters.

I-Sky Technologies Ltd provides a large range of consulting and trainings in the fields of Special Forces, K9, Seals, Air force, Navy, Anti-Terror, S.W.A.T, Sniping, VIP protection and more.


I-Sky Technologies & Partners

I-Sky Technologies & Partners worldwide

I-Sky Technologies holds top technology positions in Europe and Africa in security installation and maintenance projects and it is recognized provider cyber protection and defense management systems to number of organizations.

I-Sky Technologies services clients in more than 50 countries with core services and support operations.

The team of consultants consists of highly qualified engineers, IT professionals with a business backgrounds and operational project managers. All members are highly skilled and motivated professionals and excel as an integrated team.

We have created successful partnerships with vendor companies as long-standing partners in the field of:

  • Intelligence & Cyber & Networking
  • Army, Special forces, K9 and Bomb Squads
  • Police and Correctional Entities
  • Aviation, Airport and Seaport Security
  • Special Forces


​I-SKY Technologies & Partners Networks

I-Sky Technologies works in following fields providing leading solutions for:

  • Governments
  • Police Forces
  • Armies and Special Forces
  • Intelligence organizations across Africa

Our partners have solid reputation for delivering advanced products and services thorough understanding of demanding business projects in Africa. And we integrate our solutions with our partner`s network to create added functionality, streamlined deployment, and more seamless operations.

Please contact our Sales team for more information about I-Sky Technologies solutions.


I-SKY Technologies & Blog

I-Sky Technologies & Events

I-Sky Technologies has some exciting exhibitions coming soon and will share all feedback on technology projects around Africa. I-Sky Technologies Ltd. created a worldwide partners network and over the years have built a portfolio of vendors providing quick and easy logistic support options from different offices.

UK is our main home to business operations but we can offer worldwide platform biased on partnering with technology vendors to provide worldwide coverage.Our team of experts can advise you on every aspect of security technology solutions.We think globally to be able to support your project if you require more information please contact us now.

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